Gift Certificate

Regular price $29.00

Give that gift that keeps on giving - Health! 

This gift card allows you to give someone the gift of health and better wellbeing! 

When you purchase a gift card for someone it allows them to choose the program or item they want so that when they purchase a program with their gift card they can use their email. This allows the program to be added to their account in the community without any hassle of having to switch emails or programs in the ACHV PEAK community.

Plus, they can use the gift card at any time it will also remain a surprise until you want them to know. If you were to purchase a program for someone else outright you would need to use their email so we can create an account for them in the community. Then they would know what you were getting them... not cool!

If you have any questions, please email us at

Denominations are based on programs and bands:

$29.00 - project[MASS] Program

$34.00 - Lean and Tone Program

$39.00 - DB Combo / RB Combo , Strength & Conditioning Program

$62.90 - Resistance Band Set with 4 handles + Domestic Shipping

$67.90 - Resistance Band Set with 6 handles + Domestic Shipping

$102.00 - Resistance Band Set with 4 Handles + Domestic Shipping + Lean and Tone Program (Customer Favorite program)

$120.00 - Full Access Membership - Yearly