Meal Plan: Build Muscle, Not Fat

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Build quality muscle while minimizing additional body fat with the Build Muscle, Not Fat Meal Plan. 

This is a high carb, low fat, high protein meal plan that is designed to keep you primed for building muscle. This meal plan can be used to retain the maximum amount of muscle while trying to lose body fat (aka being in a calorie deficit) or to bulk and build muscle while minimizing body fat gain while eating in a caloric surplus. 

All Meal plans Options Include:

14 Days worth of meals and snacks

 Macronutrient breakdowns

 Daily views


Grocery list. 

Lifetime access to the meal plan through the ACHV PEAK Community

Optional Downloads in PDF Format

Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation informing you how to access your meal plan in the ACHV PEAK community. Once in the community, you will be able to see the download options for the meal plans.

You should save the meal plan to your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. You can print the meal plans to make the meal plans easier to see and follow as well. We ask that you please do not share meal plans with other people or upload them to the internet without our consent. 

If you are looking to purchase multiple meal plans for you or your spouse to follow please contact us for a discount. 

Meal Plan Options:

2500 Calorie Option:

Daily Macronutrient Averages

Calories: 2500

Carbs: 278 grams

Fats: 64 grams

Proteins: 212 gram


2250 Calorie Option:

Daily Macronutrient Averages

Calories: 2245

Carbs: 247 grams

Fats: 57 grams

Proteins: 193 grams


2000 Calorie Option:

Daily Macronutrient Averages

Calories: 2000

Carbs: 210 grams

Fats: 52 grams

Proteins: 178 grams


1750 Calorie Option:

Daily Macronutrient Averages

Calories: 1751

Carbs: 181 grams

Fats: 46 grams

Proteins: 156 grams


1500 Calorie Option:

Daily Macronutrient Averages

Calories: 1500

Carbs: 161 grams

Fats: 37 grams

Proteins: 134 grams


Return Policy: Due to the nature of the content being saved and downloaded we will not offer full money back returns on meal plans. We reserve the right to offer no return at all, partial returns, or store credit. If you would like to discuss this further please message us. After 48 hours there will be no options for any type of credit or return. 

Notice: This meal plan is not a prescription or recommendation by ACHV PEAK for what you should eat. It is to be considered a sample meal plan of food you can eat to reach a certain calorie or macronutrient count. Before starting any new diet or exercise program you should speak with your doctor or medical professional to ensure it is right for you.