RB Combo: 12-Week Resistance Band Program

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The RB Combo Program is a resistance band workout program designed for busy people who want to shed excess body fat, tone and strengthen their muscles, and save time while still getting results through a variety of training techniques.


What does this mean for you? It means that you get a step-by-step program with flow-along workouts to get results without you having to think about what workout to do, which style of workout to perform, or having to spend hours working out each day.


We’re busy parents, have jobs, and if you’re like us you don’t have time to waste trying to figure it all out. That’s exactly why we created the RB Combo Program!


So why is it called RB Combo? RB is for resistance bands and Combo is because we implement a combination of training styles such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), full-body training, split body part training (two styles), plus cardio workouts.


Quick Details:

  1. Focus: develop stronger, more toned muscles, body fat loss, improved cardiovascular performance.
  2. Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced.
  3. Impact Type: Mid to High Impact. This program includes cardio and HIIT Workouts that are considered high Impact. The resistance training workouts are non-high impact.
  4. Equipment: Resistance Bands – Tubes w/handles
  5. Training frequency: As low as 3 days per week and up to 6 days per week depending on what your schedule allows. We offer multiple different options for each training cycle.
  6. Average Workout Duration: 26 - 36 Minutes.


Product Delivery Method:

  • Digital: This is a digital-only workout program. There is nothing that gets mailed upon the purchase of this product.
  • Platform: ACHV PEAK Community via private YouTube videos. These videos can be cast to a TV by using a smartphone, tablets, desktop, or laptop. To play these videos from the YouTube app on your smart TV you will have to create a personal playlist on your YouTube account. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the videos


Access Duration:

  • Lifetime* Access: You will get lifetime access to the program through the ACHV PEAK community as long as you follow the rules and guidelines of the community. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in the removal of the group and loss of access.


Product Details:

  • 12-weeks of private follow-along resistance training, HIIT, cardio, and core workouts
  • Customized options based on your schedule/
  • Access to DJ and Jen to ask questions and get assistance.
  • Access to the RB Combo community and meet other people just like you who are following the RB Combo Program.
  • 12-weeks’ worth of meal plans. 6 different 2-week long meal plans available.
  • Printable Tools to help you ACHV more


Program Breakdown:

The RB Combo program is broken down into 5 microcycles with the purpose of progressing the exerciser through each cycle with a focus on improving conditioning and endurance, preventing injury, increasing strength, as well as reducing body fat.


Cycle 1

Cycle one focuses on full-body workouts. The purpose of this is to maximize the times per week each muscle is being worked. Each workout the exerciser can push every muscle to fatigue. This will allow for greater initial increases in strength and more quickly adapt to the central nervous system of each exercise to improve coordination and strength. Due to training every muscle with intense training sessions, the body’s metabolism will be increased long after the workout is over… aka extended fat burn potential!


Cycle 2

 Cycle two transitions to Split body training. The purpose of this cycle is to allow the exerciser to fully exhaust each muscle group during an exercise. Soreness in this cycle is common. Depending on the exerciser’s goals muscular endurance or muscular size can be focused on in this cycle by altering the amount of resistance used and repetitions performed. Here, an increase in muscle size or tone can be the focus.


Cycle 3

 Cycle three stays with split body training but condenses it into two workouts. The purpose of this cycle is to allow the exerciser to work all muscle groups three times per week. By working the muscle more often (without overtraining) the exerciser can further increase strength, endurance, or size. This cycle is kept shorter to ensure overtraining does not occur. The plan for this cycle is to push hard but not go to failure or become sore where it lasts for more than the following day. If the muscle to be worked is sore, skip the exercises for any sore muscles or perform the exercises with light resistance.


Cycle 4

 Cycle four begins the process of dedicated fat loss as well as muscular endurance training and cardiovascular conditioning utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Resistance training is integrated with cardiovascular training and still remains as a split training protocol. The idea of this HIIT training is to maximize fat burning potential while retaining muscle size and strength gains developed over the previous two cycles. If your focus is muscular size be sure to use heavier resistance during the resistance training movements and go at about 50 to 60% effort during the cardio movements.


Cycle 5

 Cycle five increases the overall exercise duration of cycle three and further increases the fat-burning potential. Additional exercises are added to the workouts and the exerciser should focus on performing the cardio movements at an increased intensity as well as increasing the resistance used during the resistance training exercises. If your focus is muscular size be sure to use heavier resistance during the resistance training movements and go at about 50 to 60% effort during the cardio movements.



** Frequently Asked Questions **

  • Can I cast this to my TV or Projector from a smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, or Laptop?
    • Yes, these videos can be cast.


  • How do I access my purchase?
    • You access your purchase on the ACHV PEAK Community website at community.achvpeak.com. You will receive an email with the details of how to log in to your account and access your purchase. Current members can just log into their account access their purchase immediately.


  • How do I become a member of the ACHV PEAK Community?
    • Upon purchase of a program or workout pack, you will be automatically signed up as a member. You will receive an email with details on how to access your member account.


  • Where do I find the Workouts on the ACHV PEAK Community?
    • The RB Combo Program is found in the community. Navigate to the left sidebar, locate and click "RB Combo: Resistance…". The RB Combo workouts are in each cycle within this area. You can then bookmark the page for easier access.
    • Be sure to reach the “RB Combo Overview” section to help you better understand the layout of the program. It also contains all of the details for each workout.


NOTE: If you still do not have access please email us support@achvpeak.com with a screenshot and explain what is going happening so we can solve the issue.


Refund Policy: We deal with every refund inquiry on a case-by-case basis, so if in the unlikely event that the product you purchased does not meet your expectations, please let us know within 5 days of the sale date. Refunds are not guaranteed and a credit to another product may be issued instead of a full refund. please email us at support@achvpeak.com and state the reason you are requesting a refund.

*Lifetime means while ACHV PEAK is in business… and we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!


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Patrick F.
Australia Australia
Increased my fitness so much

I've been going to the gym regularly for years and always neglected my cardio health. Moreover, I always had muscle mass but was never 'lean.' Doing this program - and then cycling through the HIIT workouts at the end for much longer after really changed my body In lockdown. 10/10! Plus they are too cute! (Especially when baby + doggo shows up)

Kishonna B.
United States United States
I like it

It is easy to follow and I like the energy from the trainers

Philippines Philippines
Just an honest review.

The first time i’ve seen one of RB workouts on Youtube it literally got me to go buy impulsively the RB Combo Program, and IT DIDN’T FAIL ME. I love how workouts are made just at the comfort of your home, when you have limited time but still wanna workout, and they made resistance bands work easily for you. I don’t really track my progress before when I was back in the gym but when I started this program it got me tracking every single thing from reps to weights which are really helpful for my goals to be stronger every time I do workout. I been feeling down since covid happened like everything I been planning got delayed, but I realized I don’t have any control on things that’s happening so I keep telling myself make the most out of the year just be active, maybe this year thought me to invest in myself more and ACHV PEAK workouts are there to keep me sane and get it together. Plus the FB Community is so fun I’m just a lurker there but I love the members really gives you motivation to do the work. Much love all the way from the Philippines please continue doing great workouts!!

Manuela G.
United States United States
Awesome Program

This program kept me sane during lockdown. I started working out with bands and looked for videos and found ACHV PEAK. I loved their workouts, but wanted more structure. The RB Combo Program gave me that and so much more. I am currently doing it for the second time. It's easy to follow and DJ and Jenn are such a joy to watch. Even if you don't have much space you can do the workouts very easily. I strongly recommend this program and ACHV PEAK!!!!

Paul L.
United States United States
Challenging Yet Doable Program That Produces Results

I just completed the 12 week Resistance Band Program and pleased with the results. The program was perfect for our COVID environment -- I could do it all in my living room. Each day's workout was accompanied with a timed YouTube video that took me through each exercise in a step-by-step manner, including modifications if certain exercises were too difficult. I lost 7 pounds during the 12 weeks of the program, accompanied by some calorie counting. I don't "have a weight problem" -- my weight has been in the 180-190 range for the last 10 years - but the pandemic seemed like a perfect time to push to get rid of those few extra pounds, and ACHV Peak helped me do it. I'm now at 175 and am dedicated to bring it down to 170 by December 1. I also exchanged emails with DJ several times and found him to be understanding and supportive. I highly recommend ACHV Peak.