RB Mix 31 - March 2021

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The RB Mix 31 is a 31 Day No Repeat Workout Program designed for anyone who is looking to lose weight, build muscle, and tone up while keeping it fresh every single day. 


Including many new workout styles that will test your grit, cardio, fitness, and skill while keeping workouts fun and achv'able. For the next 31 days, you're going to see what you're made of and push yourself to new limits!


Quick Details:

  • Focus: develop stronger, more toned muscles, body fat loss, improved cardiovascular performance.
  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Impact Type: Mid to High Impact. Low Impact Options are provided for most workouts. This program includes cardio and HIIT Workouts that are considered high Impact. The resistance training workouts are non-high impact. 
  • Equipment: Resistance Bands – Tubes w/handles
  • Training frequency: 5 to 6 days per week. Rest days typically include a warm-up and flexibility routine.
  • Average Workout Duration: 18 - 41 Minutes.


Product Delivery Method:

  • Digital: This is a digital-only workout program. There is nothing that gets mailed upon the purchase of this product.
  • Platform: ACHV PEAK Community via private and public YouTube videos. These videos can be cast to a TV by using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. To play these videos from the YouTube app on your smart TV you will have to create a personal playlist on your YouTube account. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the videos


Access Duration:

  • Lifetime* Access: You will get lifetime access to the program through the ACHV PEAK community as long as you follow the rules and guidelines of the community. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in the removal of the group and loss of access.


Product Details:

  • 31 days of follow-along resistance training, HIIT, cardio, and core workouts
  • Access to DJ and Jen to ask questions and get assistance.
  • Access to the RB Combo community and meet other people just like you who are following the same program.
  • Printable Tools to help you ACHV more


Please note: this program is a mixture of public and private videos. The RB Mix 31 has roughly 12-15 private videos and the remaining videos are found publicly on our YouTube channel. All The Videos are hosted on YouTube. The private videos cannot be found without purchasing the program. 



Program Breakdown:

The RB Mix 31 Program offers a variety of workouts such as HIIT, Pyramid, Cardio In/Cardio Out, AMRAP, EMOM, Cardio Kickboxing, and more. You start off the program by performing the Blackjack Benchmark workout to see where you're at. Each week you will have 5 to 6 workouts and 1-2 warm-up and flexibility routines. The Warm-ups and flexibility routines are considered rest days. Some days will be tough, others easier, and you might have days where you want to quit… but you won't. At the end of the program you end by performing the Blackjack Benchmark Workout again to see have far you've come. Be sure to leave it all on the floor every single day. Now let's Get to Work!!



** Frequently Asked Questions **

- Can This be watched from the YouTube app on my smart TV?

  • Yes. The videos in this product are hosted as private YouTube videos and can be watched on your TV. You will need to save the videos in a playlist from your phone, laptop, or desktop so you can find the videos on your TV.

- Can I cast this to my TV or Projector from a smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, or Laptop?

  • Yes. These videos can be cast.

- How do I become a member of the ACHV PEAK Community?

  • Upon purchase of a program or workout pack, you will be automatically signed up as a member. You will receive an email with details on how to access your member account.

- How do I access my purchase?

  • You access your purchase on the ACHV PEAK Community website at community.achvpeak.com. You will receive an email with the details of how to log in to your account and access your purchase. Current members can just log into their account access their purchase immediately.

- Where do I find the Workouts on the ACHV PEAK Community?

  • The RB Mix 31 Program is found in the community. Navigate to the left sidebar, locate and click "RB/DB Mix 31". You can then bookmark the page for easier access.
  • If you have purchased the RB Mix 31 Program but do not have access please be sure to be logged in.


NOTE: If you still do not have access please email us support@achvpeak.com with a screenshot and explain what is happening so we can solve the issue.




Refund Policy: We deal with every refund inquiry on a case-by-case basis, so if in the unlikely event that the product you purchased does not meet your expectations, please let us know within 5 days of the sale date. Refunds are not guaranteed and a credit to another product may be issued instead of a full refund. please email us at support@achvpeak.com and state the reason you are requesting a refund.




*Lifetime means while ACHV PEAK is in business… and we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!


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James B.
United Kingdom
Best workout site I’ve found!

I came across Achv Peak, when searching for some lockdown resistance band training ideas! I started midway through the January 31days workout programe. Since then I’ve purchased the annual membership giving access to all the workouts: resistance bands and dumbbells! Including nutrition and a member forum for questions! The great thing about Achv Peak’s programme is you train together and it’s effectively like having your own virtual personal trainer! Yes ok you do have the advantage of being able to press pause on your tv! I have seen great improvements in strength, size and stamina. I can even do a burpee now! Don’t be misguided by a 25 minute training session. If your pushing yourself and using a good resistance band you will definitely feel the effects after just one of these sessions! I’ve just completed the March 31 days of fitness and it’s fun checking to see what the following day will be! If you follow DJ and Jen, use a suitable level of resistance (not too light!), you will feel the muscle aches, which means progress. You’ll get out of breath, which means increased fat loss! Then when you see the effects you’ll get ‘the training bug’ you’ll want to train harder and you’ll feel good about yourself! I can’t praise these guys enough! Keep up the great work!

Amy N.
United States United States
i love RB 31!!!

I actually look forward to each video. I have challenged myself more on these videos than any other workouts I love them that much! I love the format, the content and Bruce!

Ed D.
United States United States
RB Mix 31 - March 2021

Great program! Well worth the money have enjoyed each day some more than others.

LaShawn C.
United States United States
RB Mix 31

ACHV PEAK has been a blessing to me since I stumbled upon the YouTube page at the beginning of the pandemic! I am definitely partial to resistance bands workouts and LOVE the structure of all the ACHV PEAK programs. This one is no different. Love it so far! I enjoy the guesswork being taken out of working out and very much appreciate the log sheets provided, that I am able to customize and keep track of all my workouts, as well as the measurements sheet. I even moreso appreciate the fact that DJ & Jen are right in the trenches with us, grunting, groaning, sweating, etc. LOL! Looking forward to finishing this one strong and eagerly awaiting the next workout set!

ACHV PEAK RB Mix 31 - March 2021 Review